Friday, September 25, 2009

Amazing! I can’t believe September is almost over, it seems like yesterday when we ushered 2009 in with so many new year resolutions (kai how many of dat did i keep self, lol)and now we’re already saying its some dayz to October again. God help us, December is almost here oh...I’m so nervous, excited, anxious, paranoid, hopeful, I feel like there is so many things to be done and so little tummy wants to explode with excitement while my heartbeats decided to increase...Oturugbeke!!!
So far, we have been trying to get the perfect logo for LAFF, we wanted something simple, very cool and soft yet unique and eye catching, but funny how I’ve been on getting someone to come up with a logo for the picture in my head since August and they are all putting me on cloud zero, so if you reading this and you feel you can contribute, biko contact me ASAP.
Our donation flyers are finally ready... whewwww, it took me forever to sit in from of my laptop to get it done. But thank God, it’s ready now, just needs reviews on what you guys think and we can start putting it around with our donation boxes...let me point out my first mistake: I requested for only USED instead of asking for both UN-USED AND USED items.
Moving on to something that has totally rocked my today, I saw this link on facebook and it sure got me cracking up, i thot you guys might enjoy it... As the weekend comes to an end, I pray for God’s mercies and protection over our lives and everything we do and above all my His unfailing LOVE never leave us even as we put our trust in him for the rest of the months and years to come in Jesus name.
Thank you all for the birthday gifts, if you ve not sent yours, there are three options now, subscribe to DairyQueen and ask them to send my strawberry cheese-quake blizzard with caramel every Tuesday and Friday night or just send me my wrapped gift jeje or kneel down, hands up and close your, ve a great weekend everyone

Monday, September 21, 2009

Holding On....

Great things truly happen, wishes truly come to pass, I guess it’s just a little bit of patience that matters, a little bit of that faith you’ve had before you thought about quitting, self confidence and all those other great words but above all, standing on the promises God has made to each and every one of us. Birthdays come and go, that very wonderful and best day and month of the year that I turned a year older wasn’t has pleasant as planned, it was the exact opposite, but life goes on rite...the truth is, at the end of that week, I felt like a princess, things went well, I wore an exceptional smile, pause....sorry guys, this blog is not suppose to be about my private life, but I guess you can’t help it when it feels like you’ re writing in your diary rite? (wink).... In the mood of happiness ,faith and trust, I got to speak to a very nice and intelligent lady about key locations for LAFF, by the way the theme for the December launch is “the dawn of a new beginning” after trying to reach her for God knows how long, she finally sent her private number this past weekend, I couldn’t control my joy, so we got to talk and truthfully, if you have never experienced poverty, lived on the streets or abused before in your entire life, please from today start dancing, rejoicing and see every day like a celebration and above all give thanks to God almighty. I used to think I know what poverty was, I used to think my growing up was bad, but when she gave me highlights of what these kids are going through, my goodness, I think I grew up rich. From our gist sha, We might actually be focusing on Ijora/Badia, Amukoko and the streets of Obalende....These cities are all in Lagos and we are also touching Yenegua in Bayelsa we might not do all of these cities due to financial constraint, but God always surprises us in big ways. She’s gonna be helping out with meeting with their community heads and God’s willing LAFF IS able to leave footprints in those kids lives, not just temporally but permanent. Please for as many of you that visit this blog, do share it with others, visit our and contact us by helping out through sponsorship, volunteering and prayers....on a brighter note you can also send my birthday gifts too and to all the Chelsea fans out there, Blue is the color and football is the game as my friend would always say, lol. Enjoy the rest of the week....XoXo