Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving:bEInG Grateful

Woaw, its almost the end of the year again, how time flies…an awesome opportunity to give thanks and appreciation to God for keeping us from Jan till now, many challenges, many loved ones gone, many friends made n lost, but hey we’re alive, so we ought to be very grateful for where we’re now, what we have and our goals for the next year...... My second fave movie of 2010 like I promised isssssssssss…."I can do BAD all by myself"….beautiful, fantastic story line, it’s a Tyler Perry movie with guest artist like Mary J bilge, this very hot, fineeeeee Spanish dude from CSI Miami; Adam Rodriguez and of course a Naija teenager and a Ghanaian boy in it (we are totally representing for positive things),our dear Marvin Winans amongst other great actors… The storyline touches the soul, well it touched my soul, made me cry, made me laugh, got me tripping for Adam all over again(I shld really start watching CSI Miami again, lol). It’s about losing a loved one, drugs, child abuse, friendship, laughter, God and d end was quite romantic *winks* and of course how can I forget it’s got MADEA in it. Notice the “preacher’s kid” is got to do with a child, letting go and all that right, this one also involves children, putting them first and showing love….this is what LAFF is all about…. So you’ll have a movie to watch on thanksgiving day as you celebrate with your loved ones,watch itttttttttttt n no tripping for my boo Adam ok?lol… keep your fingers crossed for my 3rd movie of 2010. LAFF wishes everyone a happy, happy thanksgiving….XoXo