Saturday, June 26, 2010


I love music, I might be a bad dancer but who cares, I love music, I love moving my body the way I know how to and the good thing about music is they actually fits each person’s mood. Sad, happy, hyper, romantic, trusting, or just in a partying mood, there’s always music to help you along the way. My brother couldn't even do any house chores without music (Tiger batteries and dose portable decks were his best friends)….Music as they say is truly “food to the soul”. But how really is music "food to the soul" ? Can this metaphor be accurate? To a certain extent I believe it still is with the little good music we have left. I listen to this music but not regularly, most of them are quite acidic to the soul, proclaiming bad words to one’s self is not one of my very favorite things to do. This whole soulfood thingy was actually a great experiment, a wonderful night too well except that I missed my best friend “sleep” for a couple of hours. My friend buzzed me on yahoo messenger since I have decided not to convert my old means of communication to d world of bb and ping-ing as they call it (I’m not hatin o) started out as a regular night of gisting to the kind of music’s we loved to rock and roll to in the eighties and nineties, before long, we were on you tube digging out lot of oldies. It’s amazing how much great stuffs we found with very little or no coarse and profane languages, no immoral dressing, everything, was sweet, innocent and wonderful. Trust me, we couldn't get over it, we were up till 4 A.M enjoying good old classics and remembering the birthday parties and uncle’s wedding or end of year parties were we would grace with our Shina Peters dance steps and of course expect some spraying as kids, even up until high skl, dere were quite a no of great songs. It’s a different story today with the kind of musical videos we have and the coarse languages these artists uses as common acceptable language. It scares the living day out of me! do I want to raise my child/ren in this type of society that seems to be getting worst than better? smh...Many of my friends think when they become parents, they’ll have to return home, but even our African artists are not left out with horrible words and naked women and sexual harassment in their videos, all as a means of enticing the public. Whatever happened to the days where children enjoy the wonderful privilege of being children listening to folk tale songs and educative children musicals? Whatever happened to artist like Tosin Jekede, Benita, chi chi of Africa and Christy Igbokwe? Hmmm I wonder? Here are a couple of oldies I thot u guys might find interesting. Enjoy and have a great Sunday every one… This is one of my fav (sorry if u don’t understd Yoruba): this particular one still tickles me, my teacher used to sign it to this lady with the same in name in the staff room dose dayz, lol: