Thursday, November 11, 2010

LAFF charity MONTH

Its been awesome, awesome, awesome for LAFF, its executives, its memembers and its children....This month we are so proud, excited, happy, trilled, hyped and over glad to be in a very celebrative mood, with loads of testimonies.... Its the first of many to come:
LAFF charity month
where we take so much delight in celebrating all less previleged children especially the ones in Nigeria and pray for them and raise funds for their schooling,etc....This month of 2010, we re selling raffle tickets of $3.00 each to have a charity draw at the end of the month where the lucky winner gets a $50.00 gift card to"the kegs" grill and bar...Just our little way of getting everybody involved and saying thank you....Please be a part in leaving those footprints with us in the lives of these kids. for tickets, please send us an email on or look for us on facebook
"leave a footprint foundation
" or our website and we'll be more than glad to sell you one.... I'm not sure if i've given you the name of my last 2010 fav movie but i totally and totally love "Daddy's little girls" with Gaberille Union and Diana Ross's daughter, can't remember her name now, but yeah, its a very beautiful movie and i'm sure you can alll guess while i chose it too, for dose who ve seen it, if u haven't, its on youtube, it, watch it....and introducing a new place i'll be almost everyday now:
, its a new group on Facebook, its an open grp, where we all share diff inspirational thots, advise, gists, everythin to put a smile on the other person's face...which is why i totallly loveeeeeeeeeeeee join us and share ur thots, prayers, gist (i like amebo,lol)and of course motivate someone frm ur past exp.....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving:bEInG Grateful

Woaw, its almost the end of the year again, how time flies…an awesome opportunity to give thanks and appreciation to God for keeping us from Jan till now, many challenges, many loved ones gone, many friends made n lost, but hey we’re alive, so we ought to be very grateful for where we’re now, what we have and our goals for the next year...... My second fave movie of 2010 like I promised isssssssssss…."I can do BAD all by myself"….beautiful, fantastic story line, it’s a Tyler Perry movie with guest artist like Mary J bilge, this very hot, fineeeeee Spanish dude from CSI Miami; Adam Rodriguez and of course a Naija teenager and a Ghanaian boy in it (we are totally representing for positive things),our dear Marvin Winans amongst other great actors… The storyline touches the soul, well it touched my soul, made me cry, made me laugh, got me tripping for Adam all over again(I shld really start watching CSI Miami again, lol). It’s about losing a loved one, drugs, child abuse, friendship, laughter, God and d end was quite romantic *winks* and of course how can I forget it’s got MADEA in it. Notice the “preacher’s kid” is got to do with a child, letting go and all that right, this one also involves children, putting them first and showing love….this is what LAFF is all about…. So you’ll have a movie to watch on thanksgiving day as you celebrate with your loved ones,watch itttttttttttt n no tripping for my boo Adam ok?lol… keep your fingers crossed for my 3rd movie of 2010. LAFF wishes everyone a happy, happy thanksgiving….XoXo

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Excuses, excuses, and more excuses is all I’ve been making about not coming here often enf, but trust me when I say they’ve been legitimate reasons….I thought headaches only comes with being a student, but trust me, work has been so hectic, finding it wasn’t fun either menn. Anyhoos, moving on to the last quarter of 2010 and OMG, how time flies, it seems like yesterday when I was enjoying the princess treatment of Naija, suya and real African delicacies and now it’s almost Christmas and snow again arghhhhhhhhh….Today, I’m a year older, more wiser, better, stronger, happier, excited, expectant and above all I’m sooooooooooooo grateful to God for the golden opportunity to see this beautiful, awesome and amazing day in good health with the people I love, cherish and adore…My beautiful bright smile would not have been complete without God and all of you….thanks peeps… 2010 has been very interesting, LAFF has taken another bold step, we’ll let you all in on the good soup, when it’s ready to be served…in the mood of celebration, I decided to share some of my 3 very fave 2010 movies with ya’ll. Fave 1:PRECHER’S KID….This movie is beautiful, I cried….the story line is amazing, it’s a black American movie, not the everyday familiar faces and not Tyler Perry’s movie. Its funky gospel, funny, romantic, the movie fitted so perfectly with the song they played in it, it’s sad, it provokes your emotions…it’s a must watch movie, please and please watch it…if u watch it and don’t enjoy it…hmmm I’ll kip my comment to myself for now….but watch it first sha Fave 2: 2nd fave 2010 movie coming right about nowwwwwwwwwww, nah!!! coming up in d next edition, lol…let’s take it one step at a time…thanks again to everyone for d b-day wishes, prayers, etc…let the birthday gifts start rollinnnnnnnnnnnnn, all of u ve my postal code, so I want i-pod, i-pad, i-phone, everything eye you can lay ur hands on and oh vacation tickets round the worldddddddddddd…. Ve an awesome day everyone….Cheers

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh wat a feeling.... lovin em...

I did something today that made me feel so good, hmmm writing about it now, not so sure if it was d rite thing to do, but it did feel good as at the time and I’m glad I did…I’ve done quite a number of things and taken a lot of steps in d past, some of which I have regretted… Wanted friends that turned my friendship down, did things I felt was good for me and didn’t mind d consequences. I’ve been flogged so many times growing up from determining to climb a mango tree to camping in the bush wit the boys or making my own decisions which wasn’t so stupid as I recollect…..Like my mom would always say ( she still flogged me for doing it in d dayz) neva stop trying at something your heart wants, the worst dat would happen is to come out with a broken heart, a big mistake or get injured, but the best that would happen is knowing you followed your heart, allowing yourself the freedom to let your heart want something and working towards achieving it…Do u know how frustrating it could be when u buzz someone that is online and the person doesn’t reply or replies in a very curt manner…. d 1st time, he/she’s probably far from d system…..d 2nd time he/she is probably busy….d 3rd time, he/she might just be having a quiet “do not disturb” time with the white seat in the toilet… but what would u call it when it kips going on and when dis person decides to fulfill all righteousness day say, “ why haven’t u contacted me, It’s been ages”……oh really? Whatever happens to all my offline and text messages…lol (u’ve just shoved my friendship into my face, dats what happened)… Meeting the FRIENDS I have today is one thing I’m forever grateful for, not d endless list of Facebook friends you see when you go on my profile but dose ones that offer a pat on d back, that take time out of their busy schedule to reply my offline or calls, the friends that call u in d middle of d night, when you’re probably in rem 4(psychology 105, Dr. Cramer, lol) of your sleep n just wanted to say thank u for been a friend an sharing a lil joke with you. A friend dat prays for u and loves and accepts u for YOU. A friend dat looks deep into ur eyes and sees d beauty from within YOU and not the bump or scar or acne others see…it just feels so amazingly great to know you have this people in your life. It feels sooooooooooooooo great and awesome to have chosen to walk for LAFF and give it all it takes with the rest of the amazing team. It feels so great to have written a book since Dec 2007-Jan 2008 during exams in Leddy library when I was tired of studying to the 2 week vacation b4 d winter semester…something I am very proud to have down, it’s my 2nd baby, even though 90% of families and friends don’t know about it and d 10% haven’t had d time to read it, lol… It’s the season of feeling good about YOU, something you have done, the mistake u’ve made dat has made u a better YOU, d step u’ve taken against all odds to be where YOU are, it’s about you and no one else…. So, back to the call that I made, Fido is sure gonna break my bank account…. that I’m sure of but was it worth it? I leave you to judge but I do have dis sweet small smile on my face…lol Have a good one everybody and remember to choose to WALK today…..XoXo

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I love music, I might be a bad dancer but who cares, I love music, I love moving my body the way I know how to and the good thing about music is they actually fits each person’s mood. Sad, happy, hyper, romantic, trusting, or just in a partying mood, there’s always music to help you along the way. My brother couldn't even do any house chores without music (Tiger batteries and dose portable decks were his best friends)….Music as they say is truly “food to the soul”. But how really is music "food to the soul" ? Can this metaphor be accurate? To a certain extent I believe it still is with the little good music we have left. I listen to this music but not regularly, most of them are quite acidic to the soul, proclaiming bad words to one’s self is not one of my very favorite things to do. This whole soulfood thingy was actually a great experiment, a wonderful night too well except that I missed my best friend “sleep” for a couple of hours. My friend buzzed me on yahoo messenger since I have decided not to convert my old means of communication to d world of bb and ping-ing as they call it (I’m not hatin o) started out as a regular night of gisting to the kind of music’s we loved to rock and roll to in the eighties and nineties, before long, we were on you tube digging out lot of oldies. It’s amazing how much great stuffs we found with very little or no coarse and profane languages, no immoral dressing, everything, was sweet, innocent and wonderful. Trust me, we couldn't get over it, we were up till 4 A.M enjoying good old classics and remembering the birthday parties and uncle’s wedding or end of year parties were we would grace with our Shina Peters dance steps and of course expect some spraying as kids, even up until high skl, dere were quite a no of great songs. It’s a different story today with the kind of musical videos we have and the coarse languages these artists uses as common acceptable language. It scares the living day out of me! do I want to raise my child/ren in this type of society that seems to be getting worst than better? smh...Many of my friends think when they become parents, they’ll have to return home, but even our African artists are not left out with horrible words and naked women and sexual harassment in their videos, all as a means of enticing the public. Whatever happened to the days where children enjoy the wonderful privilege of being children listening to folk tale songs and educative children musicals? Whatever happened to artist like Tosin Jekede, Benita, chi chi of Africa and Christy Igbokwe? Hmmm I wonder? Here are a couple of oldies I thot u guys might find interesting. Enjoy and have a great Sunday every one… This is one of my fav (sorry if u don’t understd Yoruba): this particular one still tickles me, my teacher used to sign it to this lady with the same in name in the staff room dose dayz, lol:

Monday, May 31, 2010

summery summer

Hi peeps, sure everyone had a fab weekend, I almost didn't. I can believe I lost all vital documents and my once very cute kid pictures on my laptop, no more reformatting again, lai lai... so its summer time finally, can I hear a yayyyy somebody, lol...ok its really hot out here, like hot plus hot, multiply by hot square root of hot equal to hot..geez, so much for looking forward to summer rite? There are times when we get very irritated and angry for some weird and unidentified reasons, such is this period of hotness from my investigation. I recently just learnt that during winter, 80% of the time, you can’t really get on people's nerves, because it’s just too cold to give a sounding response to people that get on your nerves but alas, reverse is the case for summer time, especially when the weather is very hot and humid with no shady area to kip cool. so as an undercover, I decided to carry out my research on people in their natural environment (I am not a biologist or research student o, amebo will probably be d rite word for it) so there I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus that takes donkey years to come (Windsor transit is a diff tori entirely) and this lady and her daughter where just some second from where I was trying to fan myself with a book. The little girl was obviously very hot and itchy. she was sooooo uncomfortable and was crying and grumbling and causing tantrums and everything you can imagine an oyinbo child to do and there she was, good mother, pleading with the child and trying her bestest best to be nice but you could see irritation written all over her face, even me got very angry, it was like the little child's cry was holding the breeze from coming. Cutting the long gist short, the mom couldn’t hold her irritation any longer and she just yelled at the kid using the F word. It’s very annoying when people get you irritated and angry, been there, experienced it, but please lets watch our language at all times especially in the presence of kids, they are like sponges that absorb any little thing we tell them, especially the bad words. I trust my people, an African woman would not have hesitated given the child a good spank, but in weathers like this, it’s not the kids fault, the mom was uncomfortable, I was also very uncomfortable especially when you have an oily face , trust me, you don’t want to be caught outside. So I decided to share some of my research results with you’all…. Tips to enjoy weathers like this: 1. Always make sure you carry ice cubes in your water bottle before leaving the house. Your body system gets dehydrated easily in weathers like this, but you have your ice handy to chew and you can also put some cubes in a clean face towel or hanky to place around your neck and arms to keep you moist and relaxed. 2. If you have acne/oily face, don’t panic, avoid rubbing your face, cos its already dirty with dust and oil, and you don’t want to clog your pores. Have a facial tissue in hand always and just damp your face, but do not rub and apply white powder lightly to keep you fresh, if you re sweaty and close to a public washroom, quickly give your face a little rinse with cold water and apply white powder(avoid brown powders and foundation, as they don’t help during this weather) 3. Avoid tight clothes, especially skinny gean, they don’t let the skin breathe at all 4. I'm not sure if sunscreen works for blacks, but if they do, you might use a little before you leave the house 5. Wear a positive attitude, no matter how people try to get under your skin, guess what? they are not worth it....and biko, please, ejo, avoid foul language as much as possible, it doesn’t do us any good 6. I almost forgot and no it’s not blizzard, lol if you are the sweaty type, please and please don’t wear too much cologne/perfume, cos they would smell ridiculously when you break out in sweat Have a great week everyone, keep been your unique self, don’t let anyone or anything bring you down, trust in God always, believe in yourself, reach for the skies, dream big, work towards it...I was overly glad when I heard and read Myne Whiteman's book is finally ready, published and ready for people to buy and enjoy. Myne I am very happy for you and I hope you know this is just the beginning of greater things to come for you in Jesus name. My wonderful friend is also the owner of naijareads, you can always check out new stuffs on her website. www. and Myne's book, hmm not sure, but she has a blog, google it and you shall be blessed and reporting live from Canada, its good night people, remember to walk the walk and be the difference.....XoXo

Thursday, May 20, 2010

skl of frustration? nah.....

Confidence and a great self esteem with a 100% dose of faith in what/who you believe in has being and is still one of the greatest tools motivational speakers talk about....Hi everyone, trust its being a great month so far. Over the last month, the only thing I and a couple of friends have talked about continuously is how difficult things are and how we wish we were those other people, have their money, their looks, brains, status and guess what? we ended up being frustrated and just indulged in bowls and bowls of ice-creams (all in d name of looking for 10pounds o) lol..but guess what? we were slowly registering in a university that eighty percent of people barely graduate from. The University of Frustration is one university that accepts any kind of students irrespective of age, size, looks, etc because the minute we get admitted, our curriculum begins. Grumbling, hissing at the slightest suggestions, favourite phase "ohhhhhhhhhh i've being there before", giving up, hating your self and the list is endless...Guess what! if God had given up when Adam and Eve disappointed Him, we wouldn't be here today, if Martin Luther King had given up his fight for the freedom and fair treatments of Blacks, maybe we would have still being slaves (oh god forbid bad thing, kai I cant even imagine life without my blizzard or Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich or d freedom to bully Johnny my Darling oyinbo best friend n go free), if Dele Momodu had given up after graduating with a ......class in ......major, lol, our Darling ovation magazine would not have been born or striving today, if our parents had given up on us when we were nuts and silly and mean, trust me, we would not be half the person we are why do we apply to the University of Frustration where we get sharp sharp admission?.... c'mon guys walk this walk with me...stop denying your weakness, if you can't make it right, if it can't be made right, then others should appreciate your strenght and help you with your weakness. there's really nothing like a huge mistake that can't make you a better person. Qualifications to get a VIP admission into the University of Frustration are: 1. Loosing sense of who you are and where you are heading 2. A low self esteem about yourself 3. Condemning the greatness in you 4. Being nonchalant about the important things that will make a better you 5. Giving up...that's what we do the best..I'm so guilty of this one most times but i snap out of it (its not easy sha) 6. Hey where's your faith in God O'ye of lil faith 7. Anger, bitterness, sadness woaw, that's a lot...solution you ask? Habakkuk 2:3, Psalm 61:1-2, need more? Laugh always, remain positive, keep hope alive, pamper yourself to the fullest, if people can't love you for who you are, guess wat? its deir loss. You've got only one life to live, be the best you can be, never give up and remember its not over until God says its over LAFF has got so many great ideas ready for summer, God's willingly we're able to explore then and as always I'll kip u posted. By the way, I just thot it might interest a lot of man u fans, dat yay we WONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN and we Wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn again, lol Ve a good one everyone....Cheers

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

greater heights + blues

Thank God for yet another wonderful Easter celebration! it was excitement all thru. phone calls from folks catching up on gist’s, more dan enf to eat at church, saved me from cooking, lounging lazing on a fine spring Sunday afternoon after many months of dat winter,urgh, lol and most importantly the REASON FOR THE SEASON!!!...Jesus I trust u all had a wonderful time too, even if u didn’t do anything spectacular like moi. so countdown to LAFF'S first yard sale event...I'm quite excited and nervous about it (if u re in Windsor, you berra come and pick up one or two thins from our yard sale o, no debit cards pls, cash and gold/preminum credit cards welcome)... Today is dedicated to many students getting ready to start their finals...May God grant u speedy understanding, wisdom and retentive memory and favour you b4 ur exam markers even as u spend quality time in the library or at home studying and not facebooking oh, ehn! Best Wishes guys and to all the graduating students of 2010, well what can I say, but a hearty congratulations to you and I for coming this far and may this year mark the beginning of greater thins to come for us and HR depts pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee give us this jobs oh, we dont wanna sit at home watching TV and facebooking, its And how could I forget to say this: Did anyone watch the Chelsea-Man Utd match and how Arsenal was trashed, flogged, dismantled? oh my gosh I am still rolling on the floor laughin at all my Arsenal peeps, how many times do I have to tell u guys that u're all toy guns, limited space available, join the winning team now b4 it’s too late oh and Man U fan please accept my joyful condolence over the trashing we gave u guys, don’t forget BLUE is d colour,FOOTBALL is the game!!! lol Ve a good one everyone...XoXo

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Excitement in the Air....lalalalala

Woaw, cant believe I haven’t been here in donkey months, but u know d saying dat most thins in life are inevitable, like stress, worry, tears and d good parts, anyhoos, trust everyone n everythin’s been going great. A big thank u to so many pple dat has put LAFF in their prayers, financial support and volunteer during our very first gig. I guess I owe u all d gists. So dis lady here went to Nigeria for xmas, I finally saw my sweet and darling mother, the joy of my life, my warrior and d list is endless. It was awesome, Lagos of course like d gist was looking very impressive esp.our dear old Oshodi, lol, but menn, d traffic was still in vogue sha and Nepa didn’t fail to say welcome home. But oh suya and asu, ukwubi, and street football, how I miss u *sobs* sobs*lol Laff’s official gig which was to hold in December didn’t as planned, devil foolishly tried to mess thins up, but trust God to spring back plans to action. It was an amazing experience, we had more kids than we budgeted for, there were lots to eat, games, bouncing castle, drinks and we ran out of party packs but I had a blast wit d kids.The clothes we shipped from Canada although came a lil later, but d Nig delegates were kind enough to distribute them. Here’s the most exciting part, it still tickles me a lot: LAFF was able to pick 13 kids to sponsor thru primary education and if we do get more sponsors, we might continue to high school, but for now its d foundation dat really matters. As of now, they’ve started school, tuition and books paid for, I’m over d moon…1st mission accomplished, lol all gratitude to God and all d sponsors dat made it rock. I’m thinking of setting up a facebook page in addition to the website, what do u all think? But there a couple of pics and list of sponsors on the website: I am begging oh, biko ejo, please, lol spread the word, be a part of making dreams a reality, we need more sponsors, you can always reach us via d website or send me an e-mail or call me if need be ( or 519-992-3759) Ve a great wkend everyone....xoxo