Thursday, November 11, 2010

LAFF charity MONTH

Its been awesome, awesome, awesome for LAFF, its executives, its memembers and its children....This month we are so proud, excited, happy, trilled, hyped and over glad to be in a very celebrative mood, with loads of testimonies.... Its the first of many to come:
LAFF charity month
where we take so much delight in celebrating all less previleged children especially the ones in Nigeria and pray for them and raise funds for their schooling,etc....This month of 2010, we re selling raffle tickets of $3.00 each to have a charity draw at the end of the month where the lucky winner gets a $50.00 gift card to"the kegs" grill and bar...Just our little way of getting everybody involved and saying thank you....Please be a part in leaving those footprints with us in the lives of these kids. for tickets, please send us an email on or look for us on facebook
"leave a footprint foundation
" or our website and we'll be more than glad to sell you one.... I'm not sure if i've given you the name of my last 2010 fav movie but i totally and totally love "Daddy's little girls" with Gaberille Union and Diana Ross's daughter, can't remember her name now, but yeah, its a very beautiful movie and i'm sure you can alll guess while i chose it too, for dose who ve seen it, if u haven't, its on youtube, it, watch it....and introducing a new place i'll be almost everyday now:
, its a new group on Facebook, its an open grp, where we all share diff inspirational thots, advise, gists, everythin to put a smile on the other person's face...which is why i totallly loveeeeeeeeeeeee join us and share ur thots, prayers, gist (i like amebo,lol)and of course motivate someone frm ur past exp.....