Tuesday, April 6, 2010

greater heights + blues

Thank God for yet another wonderful Easter celebration! it was excitement all thru. phone calls from folks catching up on gist’s, more dan enf to eat at church, saved me from cooking, lounging lazing on a fine spring Sunday afternoon after many months of dat winter,urgh, lol and most importantly the REASON FOR THE SEASON!!!...Jesus I trust u all had a wonderful time too, even if u didn’t do anything spectacular like moi. so countdown to LAFF'S first yard sale event...I'm quite excited and nervous about it (if u re in Windsor, you berra come and pick up one or two thins from our yard sale o, no debit cards pls, cash and gold/preminum credit cards welcome)... Today is dedicated to many students getting ready to start their finals...May God grant u speedy understanding, wisdom and retentive memory and favour you b4 ur exam markers even as u spend quality time in the library or at home studying and not facebooking oh, ehn! Best Wishes guys and to all the graduating students of 2010, well what can I say, but a hearty congratulations to you and I for coming this far and may this year mark the beginning of greater thins to come for us and HR depts pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee give us this jobs oh, we dont wanna sit at home watching TV and facebooking, its addictive...lol And how could I forget to say this: Did anyone watch the Chelsea-Man Utd match and how Arsenal was trashed, flogged, dismantled? oh my gosh I am still rolling on the floor laughin at all my Arsenal peeps, how many times do I have to tell u guys that u're all toy guns, limited space available, join the winning team now b4 it’s too late oh and Man U fan please accept my joyful condolence over the trashing we gave u guys, don’t forget BLUE is d colour,FOOTBALL is the game!!! lol Ve a good one everyone...XoXo