Tuesday, December 1, 2009

what abt YOU

Thank you Lord for seeing us thru to d very last month of 2009, seems like yesteday and we're already countin down to xmas and a new year. Thank you for always been dere in good n bad times, thank you for the challenges that has made me a better, stronger and wiser person.Thank you for all dose great things you've done that we always forget to appreciate, bcos we claim we're in a hurry,Thank you for baby LAFF,Thank you for chinese buffet "all you can eat $10.00" and toonie tuesday'S KFC, oh and not forgettin Chau's kitchen's student special(even though d rice has some powerful kay leg, but d wings n spice re great sha). Happy new month peeps, thanks for been part of my life, you guys rock. i hope u'll re getting ready to write another new year resolution? lol...omo dat thin is hard to kip menn, I tend to break like 2 rules areadly by d 1st week of d new yr and by d quarter of d year, i dont always know where d journals i write d thin waka go, so i ve resigned, quit, diabled my humble self frm writing new yr resolu. I ve a huge report due @ work and exams next week so i ve to run. remember to always kip ur head high no matter the situation, cos u're too blessed to be STRESSED, and u can always look up my recipe for situations like dat sha:extralarge extra cheese strawberry blizard, trust me, it works, lol. ve a great week everyone. XoXo....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Let's Talk About It.....

Hi everyone, woaw, It’s been a while oh, Happy new month everybody and happy birthday to people whose birthday’s ve past and the ones yet to come;don’t forget to send my cake and ice-cream as per your one and only.... Recently I was surfing thru the net for some info, was quite bored so I decided to check Linda Ikeji’s blog for some Naija gist and there the story was, I was perplexed. I thot it was a joke at first. An eleven year old girl gave birth to a baby girl, I know i’m a freak when it comes to kids and all and that girl and the baby were very cuteeeeeeeeeeeee, but for mercy’s sake what boy/man would do such a criminal thing to that girl. At eleven, I was still very much a child, running around under the rain with my friends and playing sand castle, hide and seek, bread and butter etc and to top it off self, Miss. Monthly Danger zone hadn’t started, I didn’t even know what it was. This girl is from Bulgaria and in this 21st century, their culture believes that the age of consent for a girl to get married is 14. Chineke God, A 14 year old girl? What does she know? What is she suppose to contribute to making the family a success apart from being a baby factory machine and always there to satisfy the husband’s desire. I know similar situations used to happen in the north, in Nigeria, not sure if it still does. Words from the young mother: “It feels strange to be a mum and ve a baby. I used to play with my toys but now she is my toy. She is so beautiful, I love her. Violeta is the child and I must grow up. I am not going back to school-I am a mother now”. (Visit Linda Ikeji’s blog for rest of the story) Gosh, I was in tears for this girl. How sad, how pathetic, how innocent. If only her parents, her teachers and the society had talked about it. Why is it so hard for parents to talk about SEX to their kids. The world is overly civilized now, from Musical videos to TV shows to Facebook etc...They are everywhere, the only way we can stop all of these is to talk about it. It’s not just the mother’s responsibility but both parents. Sit the kids down, teach them about their body has it develops, let them know the consequences of playing around. Please pass the message on, let’s stop child pregnancy abi how I go put the grammar self. Ve a great weekend everyone. XoXo.....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The better you....

Happy new month to y’ll. I pray this new month brings us perfect peace, joy and may we all find favour before God in all we embark on. Life some say is a bed of roses, others say it’s a hard life and only the fittest survive,etc...Even in one of our famous soap opera in naija, i’m sure many of us used to watch it “super story”, Mr. Wale Adenuga used “we’re nothing but pencils in the hand of the creator”. In the dayz of Oh Father oh Daughter (Toyin tomatoe, gosh that was a classic wit suara and Bukky Wright) I used to ponder on what that idiom meant, “we are nothing but pencils in the hand of the creator”. You know as per aje-pako that wanted to feel like I understood grammar na, I had always thought its either humans are the pencils and as we lived our lives, we kept getting sharpened when we became blunt until God gets to the very end and there is nothing left to sharpen and we...... , you know what I mean rite? Or like pencils that is easily erased, God just erases us from His agenda when we commit grave attrocities. Whichever one it may even be self, me I no know again, lol...but what I’m just trying to say is whatever life is classified as, we should never see it that way, rather we should always see the glass as half full instead of half empty, abi wetin una think? Lets hold on to God’s promises for us, whatever we do, lets always be grateful to him and acknowledge his presence in our lives and do good, bcos we never know what the PENCIL proverb mean and which one we fall under. In the meantime my people, please endeavour to do good, the greatest gift you can give to a less privileged child is to show love and care to them and help them be better and successful people, make una no forget say a man would rather you teach him how to fish than continually feed him fish. To my executives, I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to you guys for standing by me and working hand in hand to make LAFF great. May God almighty reward your labour of love. Have a splendid week and don’t forget to pad up if you’re in my part of the world, the cold don come powerfully.....xoxo

Friday, September 25, 2009

Amazing! I can’t believe September is almost over, it seems like yesterday when we ushered 2009 in with so many new year resolutions (kai how many of dat did i keep self, lol)and now we’re already saying its some dayz to October again. God help us, December is almost here oh...I’m so nervous, excited, anxious, paranoid, hopeful, I feel like there is so many things to be done and so little time...my tummy wants to explode with excitement while my heartbeats decided to increase...Oturugbeke!!!
So far, we have been trying to get the perfect logo for LAFF, we wanted something simple, very cool and soft yet unique and eye catching, but funny how I’ve been on getting someone to come up with a logo for the picture in my head since August and they are all putting me on cloud zero, so if you reading this and you feel you can contribute, biko contact me ASAP.
Our donation flyers are finally ready... whewwww, it took me forever to sit in from of my laptop to get it done. But thank God, it’s ready now, just needs reviews on what you guys think and we can start putting it around with our donation boxes...let me point out my first mistake: I requested for only USED instead of asking for both UN-USED AND USED items.
Moving on to something that has totally rocked my today, I saw this link on facebook and it sure got me cracking up, i thot you guys might enjoy it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvpjuUzSxDo As the weekend comes to an end, I pray for God’s mercies and protection over our lives and everything we do and above all my His unfailing LOVE never leave us even as we put our trust in him for the rest of the months and years to come in Jesus name.
Thank you all for the birthday gifts, if you ve not sent yours, there are three options now, subscribe to DairyQueen and ask them to send my strawberry cheese-quake blizzard with caramel every Tuesday and Friday night or just send me my wrapped gift jeje or kneel down, hands up and close your eye..lol, ve a great weekend everyone

Monday, September 21, 2009

Holding On....

Great things truly happen, wishes truly come to pass, I guess it’s just a little bit of patience that matters, a little bit of that faith you’ve had before you thought about quitting, self confidence and all those other great words but above all, standing on the promises God has made to each and every one of us. Birthdays come and go, that very wonderful and best day and month of the year that I turned a year older wasn’t has pleasant as planned, it was the exact opposite, but life goes on rite...the truth is, at the end of that week, I felt like a princess, things went well, I wore an exceptional smile, pause....sorry guys, this blog is not suppose to be about my private life, but I guess you can’t help it when it feels like you’ re writing in your diary rite? (wink).... In the mood of happiness ,faith and trust, I got to speak to a very nice and intelligent lady about key locations for LAFF, by the way the theme for the December launch is “the dawn of a new beginning” after trying to reach her for God knows how long, she finally sent her private number this past weekend, I couldn’t control my joy, so we got to talk and truthfully, if you have never experienced poverty, lived on the streets or abused before in your entire life, please from today start dancing, rejoicing and see every day like a celebration and above all give thanks to God almighty. I used to think I know what poverty was, I used to think my growing up was bad, but when she gave me highlights of what these kids are going through, my goodness, I think I grew up rich. From our gist sha, We might actually be focusing on Ijora/Badia, Amukoko and the streets of Obalende....These cities are all in Lagos and we are also touching Yenegua in Bayelsa we might not do all of these cities due to financial constraint, but God always surprises us in big ways. She’s gonna be helping out with meeting with their community heads and God’s willing LAFF IS able to leave footprints in those kids lives, not just temporally but permanent. Please for as many of you that visit this blog, do share it with others, visit our website:www.laffglobal.webs.com and contact us by helping out through sponsorship, volunteering and prayers....on a brighter note you can also send my birthday gifts too and to all the Chelsea fans out there, Blue is the color and football is the game as my friend would always say, lol. Enjoy the rest of the week....XoXo

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My thots........

I took a very deep breath and looked around at the faces of people in the train with me. Hmmm, everybody seems to be minding their own business. Young parents trying to control their overzealous kids, couples having a supposedly quite, romantic time in a PUBLIC train, argh.... others busy solving the same’o suduko puzzle. Me? I was busy minding my business NOT, which is how I saw all of these things I hardly pay attention to until now, but my naughty mind won’t let me rest, so many things ve been going on in there, I wish I could just take a fat, big mallam cane and threaten it to stop, but alas..... Summer’s almost over, the famous 4 months we all look forward to, the time to get rid of those scary winter jackets that makes us look like Eskimos, the time to shave our legs and put on those fabulous shorts and tanks and head for the beach, a period where the flowers bloom . Fall is knocking on the door, as i get ready for my last year at school as a graduate, 2 weeks more to becoming a year older, everybody says I’m getting old, no way, i don’t think so, i don’t wanna think so. What have I accomplished? I guess a presentable resume, LAFF was born, I turned a newer and better person, etc, well except the fact that i still didn’t add that weight i promised myself . I guess overall, it’s what been happy about rite? But something seems amiss. I don’t know what it is, i just can’t fathom it, but I kinda feel incomplete, empty, unaccomplished, maybe a lil sad.... Maybe it’s just the weather . Wishin everyone a great new month and a pleasant fall....xoxo

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When LOVE means something else.....

Funny how I thought I had posted this topic b4, anyhoos, I was with some bunch of pre-teens, helping them learn one or two things about growing up wisely and making a positive difference in the society we live in and I innocently gave an example about how you tell your fellow friend that you love him/her and won’t let them act in a wrong way etc, and before I even finished, one of the boys, a cute 11 year old boy just cut me short. He said” Aunty please can you use a different word, that love sounds kinda creepy” and you could tell he was almost blushing and very uncomfortable. Jeeez, what’s wrong with the word love I asked sweetly? And he says its either gay or they are too young to use the word and more examples from the rest of the team. I was left astounded. I thought Love was suppose to be an intimate feeling between two people, where affection, joy, peace and pillow fights are acceptable, I thought love was an affection shared between parents and kids, friends and colleagues etc. Even the bible linked love to patience, kindness, understanding and the rest of them, in fact welcome your brother with a holy kiss (meaning love your neighbour as yourself) But his word struck a chord. Truly, what is love? Is it a word that sounds creepy, a verb or noun that is a password to get laid? What has become of love where relationships are now based on deceit, name calling and cheating? Is it love that makes a woman endure a marriage where she’s been physically and emotionally abused? Why is it so hard to teach our kids and siblings that it’s okay to use the word “I love you” indisputably? I want to have a home where my kids will not be shy or afraid to use the word LOVE, I want to teach my kids and nieces, nephews, cousins, god kids what it means to love and be loved-AGAPE to EROS guiding them every step of the way. I want to have a home where my husband and I will have fun playing xbox, wii especially the rockband, and pillow fighting and watch soccer together where Chelsea beats whichever team he’s a fan of and of course I won’t mind him stealing my beef when I’m cooking, lol. I want a home where my family and I would share the word of God in fun and exciting ways and above all where Love has come to stay. But what then is love? My friend would always say, xxx wake up from your dream and face reality there is no such thing as love. While I hope you guys share your thoughts with me, I’m gonna try and convince my lil pals that love is more yummy than creepy. xoxo.....

Monday, July 6, 2009

Triple 'A' Woman

For some reason, i just couldn’t bring myself to wake up early for church yesterdy. It wasn’t like i was lazy or anything, maybe sometimes sha, like 25% of the time, but i knew i should have cos i had to teach the kids at Sunday school but somehow somehow, i ended up not going, so i decided not to be a bad child completely and so i went online to see if i could watch one of the previous Joel Osteen ministration but funny how the live service just came on and i said, this is it, i’m going to be present via internet. I was a tiny little bit disappointed when Joel didn’t come out, cos i always looked forward to his jokes before preaching, but with a shrug, i settled in to listen to his sister minister and my life has never been the same, lol. True oh You know most time when you feel a little depressed about something or compare yourself to others and wished you were them. Wished you’ve got their looks, brains, money, job etc and look down on yourself rite since we humans are never content with what we have most times, I’m a big example, i had always dreamt of the day i’ll put on weight, it almost became an obsession even though people still tell me I look great the way I am, i always wanted to be that person getting better grades than I, I always wanted to be as fine as Hally Berry instead of being where God has put me and being who God has designed me to be. Lisa Cowes made me realize I’ve been insulting God all along by complaining and comparing instead of loving me for whom I am. The only time you shine the most and get people to turn as you pass is when you are content with who God has created you to be and have every reason to celebrate it (i’m not saying you shouldn’t strive to be the very best in all your endeavours though) As from now henceforth, I’m celebrating my figure 8 and loving my small body and loving everything for who God has created me to be. I am a triple ‘A’ woman. Appointed, Anointed and Approved. Ain’t gonna please no man, woman, professor, boss, . I am me, fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God and His likeness, I am the apple of His eyes, A city set on a hill that cannot be moved, greater is HE that is in me than he that is in the world. God has stamped me and you with the seal of everlasting approval, fear not guys esp if you have been feeling bad about yourself, your looks, your job, your grades, your finances....he has made you to be unique and uncommon and special. People will only make you feel bad because deep down in their heart, they wish they had what you have. LAFF is beginning to grow wings, i’m getting kinda nervous but the good news is that we are reaching out to our beloved in Bayelsa too, so xmas is just going to be the best this year by God’s grace.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A big Vaccum

I beg to deviate a whole lot today, but I’m still in shock. It still feels like I’m watching a movie where we all know the major actor doesn’t die. Since a co-worker called me yesterday and told me she heard from someone, that heard from someone that M.J died, I’ve had goose bumps, at first I just figured TMZ has come again with their pranks and all or maybe someone just wanted to get into the spotlight for spreading such humongous rumour. I tuned in to CNN, it was the same story. Woaw, could M.J really be dead? Michael Jackson? The guy with the high jumper trousers and gloves? Don’t get me wrong, I know there’s no human above death, but i wish someone could just wake me up and say it’s a big joke. I know there are close people in our lives we had all wished at some point to see alive today, but I just couldn’t help but feel lost and wonder if that’s really all there is to life. I grew up loving Thriller and “Make the world a better place” and all those other songs that just steals the moment. Well, compared to other people that have long been dead, I guess he lived a good life. He made an impact, he gave a reason to dance and had his own share of wrong choices, wrong decisions, but today he is celebrated as an icon, a legend, a magical performer. My major worry now is for his kids. Who gets sole custody of them? How will they be brought up as normal citizens of the United States with paparazzi’s who will take up the unsolicited responsibility of snooping into their private lives and turning them into a public figure for good or bad at every given opportunity. I guess till then, I wish his family the fortitude to bear his loss and I only hope he got to make amends with God before he passed on. Thanks to everyone for stopping by on this blog and thanks for the e-mails and prayers for LAFF. I shall be back with more gist on LAFF. XoXo....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To have or Not to have?....

The issue of having house maids in Nigeria has become a very big one now. A lot of kids are recruited for this position and thus face a new turn in their lives. Many of them for the worst. As always we know there are two sides to a coin. When we spoke to majority of Nigerian so called “Oga/Madams”, they claim that many of their maids are thieves, rude and mean to their kids and they even go as far as saying they have evil spirit, that’s why they treat them the way they do, and when we spoke to the kids, their own story is just the opposite, lol. They said that their ”Oga/Madam” are the most evil of humans, they treat them shabbily, they hardly feed them or clothe them or send them to school as they promised their parents or agents. Most of them claim that it’s because of their evil acts, that make them steal from them and run away, or maltreat their kids. The girls say their “ogas” always promise them a better life that’s why they always agree to sleep with them (that’s for the once that are not forced to satisfy the men’s stupid sexual appetite). Looking at it from another chapter, Many homeless children and kids from very poor homes have gained positively in their new homes. My mom and I was talking some weeks back and she told me about a lady we always called Aunty xxx, who I actually thought was the man’s sister or cousin, although she was the only fair lady in the family and how she was brought from Calabar, Nigeria as a maid and the man and his wife gave her a Muslim name, sent her to a fashion designing school, bought the machine she was using to sew outside their house for her and treated her like she was family and still paid her for her services of taking care of the kids and the home. I was lost for words, I was shocked in a very good way. I was like for real? Aunty xxx? Woaw.... I guess this is what it should be right? Be a part of their success, make their dreams come through, like Aunty xxx (I even heard she’s married now and the man and his family were her sponsors) and not use them for odd jobs like hawking on the streets where they can get killed by reckless drivers or make them work like slaves all in the name of $5000 Naira ($40 dollars, i think) a month. My mom said there’s a popular market in Lagos, Nigeria called Sura market, where 90% of the women there are agents who organise all these kids as little as 10 years old as maids to people who need them. They tell their parents (biological or foster) that its better for their kids to be a maid than to live in such poverty and their share is 50% of the child’s earnings, where the rest of the 50% goes, i really want to know. I know the Child’s right act in Nigeria established in 2003, stated that no one should have a child as a maid, but an adult from the age of 21 who can make a decision on their own standing, but I was told not all states has accepted this act and the ones that have, are yet to practice it. I for one, will not even get a maid, because that would make me lazy and my kids will learn absolutely nothing about morals and domestic responsibilities and it’s also a risk when you get the older girls in the house with your hubby at home, god forbid bad thing, lol, lol. Anyhoos, what do you guys think about the whole maid issue, will you or will you rather not? And the child acts too? Our website is out oh, pls be a part of a big difference and be a member, visit us at www.laffglobal.webs.com we re still under construction sha, lol. XoXo....

Friday, May 29, 2009

thy childhood dayz

Gosh, I can’t believe working can be this tasking oh, I haven’t had time to blog or meet up with my awesome executives, now I’m starting to consider playing 647 maybe if I fast well well, I’ll just hit jackpot and quit my job and travel on a vacation to all the counties in the world starting from A to Z, actually, there is an exception, lol, u know where. Anyhoos, I just read this yahoo news about the old and most famous comic book we all read growing up: Archie and his confusion with betty and veronica, well I heard from the grapevine (yahoo news) that the storyline has actually come to an end oh and d bubo don choose finally, but they didn’t say who sha, but I’ll keep u posted on d remaining gist for dose of u that wants to know and I still have some copies of the comics, if you want to borrow, lol. Talking of Archie, this actually brought back memories of our good old days growing up in Naija with cartoons such as Super Ted, Voltron (my favourite), Turtle Ninja, Danger mouse, Biker mice on Cadbury breakfast TV with them family matters with my darling Steve and his glasses and to our own national programs like Samanja, New masquerade (my darling Jegede shokoya, awww, I miss him ehn), Second chance with madam Kofo and her igele, Jaguwa (my belly oh, my head oh, lol...RIP) etc....I can’t remember the rest now. So people lets share our childhood with one another, who remembers watching all this shows or who wants to add more to the list. Growing up was good sha, gosh I remember “Yemi my lover”, dat Yoruba movie, how I used to love it den, but looking back, did I really watch that film, menn, lol. Share your childhood programmes with the house and have a great weekend. NB: Donation boxes are going to be put out soon for used clothing’s, school supplies, toys and money(optional), so watch out at your neighbourhood for our boxes, and if you wanna be a part of our three day LAFF event in Dec, holla at me. XoXo......

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Voices from the Street.

Yello ladies n gents, first n foremost, a big thanks to all those who sent me private emails with prayers n advise n encouragement, I really appreciate you.
This article was written by Christine Jaulmes about a wonderful woman who went to record the voices of street kids in lagos. Here's a copy of the gist, i hope you dont find it too boring, give your thots.
The UNICEF-supported Child-to-Child Network, a non-governmental organization, worked with Radio Nigeria to train children in radio production so they could tell their own stories. The resulting series, ‘Voices from the Street’, was broadcast to more than 60 million listeners.
Earning $5 to $6 a day as a bus conductor, Isaiah lives on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital. Some of the children in the series tell of escapes from unhappy homes, while others recall travelling to the city in search of adventure. They end up selling water packaged in plastic bags or washing the windshields of vehicles in heavy traffic. Isaiah works as a ‘bus conductor’ – collecting fares from passengers who squeeze onto the yellow commercial buses of Lagos. He earns $5 to $6 a day. At the age of 10, Isaiah left his home in Ogun State. A friend, who turned out to be a child-labour recruiter, invited him to Lagos along with 11 other boys. “We left home without telling any of our parents,’ Isaiah says. Survival on the streets The recruiter paid the boys’ bus fare to Lagos. Then he took the boys to the city’s biggest market and motor park “to sell them,” according to Isaiah. “The more people he brings, the higher his ‘rank’ goes and the more money he gets paid,” Isaiah adds. “I was eventually sold to one man for a fee of 5,000 Naira [about $40]. The man took me to a place I do not know; my duty there was to be a housekeeper.” Isaiah decided to run away. He met up with other street children who showed him how to survive on his own. “I started to sleep under the bridge or inside any of the buses parked under the bridge,” he says. “If mosquitoes are too many, I sleep inside the boot of the vehicles.” ‘I am a big man now’

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


A child is brought into this world by two consenting adults who are suppose to be ready to equally care for the child’s emotional, spiritual, financial and academic needs. This is what it should rightly be abi? Today, a lot of children are brought into this world either through carelessness, selfishness, rape or self pity. Majority of street kids are brought up by single parents mostly teenagers who engage in unprotected sexual relationship and are left with the bruise of carrying the burdens of the child’s need, (which truthfully, is not the unborn child’s fault) others are from men whose selfish sexual desire keeps making them impregnate women without the adequate necessity of life to bring the children up. Other s are from broken homes, who escape the free Mohammed Alli and mike Tyson fight of their parents and so many others. Today we see girls as young as 15 or 16 involved in prostitution all in the name of survival, others have taken up trade running after moving vehicles to sell things to us like our favourite gala and fan yogurt. Nigeria’s federal road and safety commision have recorded 60% of children death who were hit by moving vehicles in their attempt to sell or collect their money. The other kind of street children are those ones that sit beside their mothers at all times and run after you to beg for food or money. The most interesting part about this group is that they don’t have a shelter over their heads, the rain and the harsh sun meets them there, all kinds of sickness starts to take its toll on the kids, they drink rain water with so much pleasure like it’s our favourite margarita or champagne and eat the spoilt beans we discard because we are too aje butter for that. Many are just from poor homes, with dreams and hopes, but their parents can’t afford to give them what they would have loved to, even though they struggle hard every day. We sometimes forget that God said some will be rich and some will be poor so that you can know him as God, so we refer to them as lazy parents, and all sorts, forgetting that the time we spend forming those grammar in our mind before voicing it out, we could have helped a child with a little as a dollar, school supplies and other needs. Our last category is those beautiful and very cute kids who unfortunately are born with one deficiency or the other. Others have lost vital parts of their bodies and are just lying on the sick bed looking downcast, cos no one really cares or maybe they do, but are just too busy to share a smile with them. From an interview gotten form these children on the street, you can feel and admire their passion about what they would love to be when they grow up and why if only they have that opportunity. Many of them bluntly told us how wicked we are when we forget to at least wish them a merry Christmas when we pass them. Christmas means a lot to children, rich or poor, deficient or not. They want to be loved, they want to be appreciated, they want to go to school, they want to help build a better nation, but we are too busy to even give them a second look. Today, I represent a street kid. I am poor and needy, yet i am brave and determined. A silver spoon, i boast not, neither a bed made with comfort, But when i lie to sleep, I still hold on to faith of being great It might take a while or might never happen before my time is up But I am sure of one thing: My dignity, my sweat of survival Will forever be a salt to the earth.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The game begins

Hope you guys are doing great and d week has started well.....on dat ideas i was going to let you guys in on, my friend thinks LAFF (laugh) works better than LFF, so i am presentin it b4 d panel (u guys), wat do u think Leave a Footprint Foundation should be abbreviated to? Since its going to be my very first outreach i'll be doing in person, i was thinking of following the adult saying of "charity begins at home" so my plan was dat Day 1 would be going to major bustops n under d bridge(s) where dese kids are and give them well prepared n nutritious meal and give out medications, Day 2: I was thinking of going to disabled children's home and giving out educational gifts n words of encouragement, might not be expensive cos dis girl no get sponsors yet, but at least something to leave a footprint behind and the last Day would be having a little street get together with permission from the LGA and have all these bouncing castles n dem cartoon characters around and a doctor friend to examine each of d street kids and hand out medications, school supplies, toys etc to celebrate xmas. I'm scratchin my head rite now,cos i cant remeber anythin again, old age don come. So ADVISE pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, so i can start planning and burgeting and saving before the end of the year and prayers please, cos without God it wont work oh. XoXo....

Sunday, May 10, 2009


First and foremost, I just want to say thank you for not aborting me or dumping me after birth. Thank you for being with me all through my growing years. Thank you for the tears you shed when i was sick or when things were just not right. Thank you being a friend i could talk to and the wonderful advise you always gave me. Thank you for spanking me when i was being very rude and naughty. Thank you for teaching me about God, how to love and care for others without expecting back. Thank you for the woman you have made me to become today. Thank you for all those things you have being and done for me and my siblings that i cant remeber. You are a wonderful gift to us, you a joy to behold, you are a real mother where mothers stand. Though you are not educated, I'm am more than proud to have you as my sweet mother like you always say to us: dont look down on me cos i'm not educated, cos what the educated ones dont have, God has richly blessed me with. You beautiful smile that reveals your dimple i'll never forget and get tired of. I love you mom, more than gold and silver, more than rubies, fame and fortune. I haven't seen you in years and i miss you badly. Today, as we celebrate mother's day, I just want to wish you the best of mother's day and let the world know i treasure YOU. Happy mother's day..... Ok, guys i just had to dedicate today to my mother and happy mother's day to all your moms and to all mothers who come across this page today. XoXo....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Will you?

so yesterday my friends and I went to the hospital to see a friend that just gave birth to a baby girl. The baby is soooooooooooo cute and tiny, trust us girls na, we were all fighting to carry her like say na our own, infact i wanted to claim her as my 17th godchild, but someone else already beat me to it and i'm not too close to the mom (excuse rite?) lol. Anyways so we got talking about kids and parenting and someone raised the question, will you ever adopt a child? tick tick tick, omo i ve never for once thought about that you know, i told my inner mind. So as the ladies were all yapping and blabing, i was just thinking in my head, is giving to the needy kids enough or is taking a step further by adopting one a better way of changing their life. I decided to talk to a couple of other friends: guys and ladies and most parents and their response were quite interesting. 75% of people I spoke to believes that only couples that are unable to have kids should consider adopting (really? na wa oh) while 15% are of the opinion that if you can afford it, with or without your own biological kids, then you should do it and others like me are sooooooooo indiferent. Dont ask me how i got to figure out the percentage, i just know it. so guys what's your take on this topic, seriously oh, no jokes cos i have started thinking about it myself, aside lff (leave a footprint foundation) i'm embarking on, I should really be a good example and adopt one lovely baby to the 6 or 7 kids i intend to give to that lucky man. So share your opinion with the rest of us. XoXo...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

BABY in the box

Ok, so i was doing aproko surfing the net looking for sales and gist and i stumbled across this story.
A box was buried amid a pile of rubbish waiting to be burned in the incinerator. It was a worn gray card- board shirt box, there was nothing to draw the attention of the people passing by or throwing their gabbage, even the woman who just got to the place. Except that something moved. And moved again. And when the woman poked her toe at the pile, a tiny pink hand rose into the air. The infant girl was no more than 72 hours old. She had been wrapped in a filthy blue blanket and abandoned on the fifth-floor landing of some old building where gabbage are dumped.
Seriously, after i read this story, i was almost in tears. There are millions of couples out there looking for these children but they dont have it, how can one nonesense person wake up one day and not only decided to dump the precious child but in a gabbage home to be burnt. Thank God for using that woman to save the life of that child.
Many of these children if lucky are adopted by kind hearted people who have enough resources to bring them up and for others, their faith lies in hawking, sleeping under the bridge, growing up to be violent etc.
Psalm 127 vs 3 says children are an heritage of the LORD and the fruit of the womb is his reward. vs 4 says Children are like arrows in the hands of a worrior and a man whose quiver is full of them is a blessed man. Common ladies, this word should at least waken your senses to the fact that God that gave you that child will take care of him/her....
I've got some ideas in my tiny head for the end of this year, i'll let you in on the gist very soon.

The birth of bigheart-lff

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hmmmm, how do i start..... ok, so lets do it the "uncle Jimi Sholanke's storyline" kinda thin. I grew up in a very big home with 7 kids and i'm the last. no step bros or sis, at least dat i know of. My dad was in d Navy for 34 or more yrs and mom was a full time hardworkin housewife but as una no say country bad dat time, thins were kinda tight growin up, so dere was no luxury of 3 sq meals, 2 self was war, but thank God for Ijebu garri n d farm at d back of my house. It was so bad that when i went to my friend's house and they complain of small meat or fish in their food, i would ask if xmas had come early, cos even my dad hardly use meat to eat eba(his favorite) not to talk of rice n all.... We didnt know what pocket money was and never got one. As university students, all we got was school fees and house rent after plenty prayer n fastin n fight self. Today, I'm in a beautiful place in Canada and i'm loving every moment of it. I eat what I want, I try to never disapoint with my dressing (a sis has got to be on point), i'm working and I love my job and I try to send some change home every now and then to help those that dont have. All of these would not have being possible for me and my silblings without that foot print that was left in our lives. A sister, a friend, an angel with the little she had touched our lives and today I am standing up determined with a big help from God to help me leave a footprint in the lives of hungry kids on the street, disabled and even people from poor homes with the little I have. That's where you all come in. This blog is going to be about kids in need, a little bit of here and there gist of happenings around the globe and how all of this will end up helping Naija kids. Comments, suggestions, donations, gists, stories are all welcomed. Welcome to bigheart-leave a footprint foundation(l.f.f) XoXo