Saturday, March 27, 2010

Excitement in the Air....lalalalala

Woaw, cant believe I haven’t been here in donkey months, but u know d saying dat most thins in life are inevitable, like stress, worry, tears and d good parts, anyhoos, trust everyone n everythin’s been going great. A big thank u to so many pple dat has put LAFF in their prayers, financial support and volunteer during our very first gig. I guess I owe u all d gists. So dis lady here went to Nigeria for xmas, I finally saw my sweet and darling mother, the joy of my life, my warrior and d list is endless. It was awesome, Lagos of course like d gist was looking very impressive esp.our dear old Oshodi, lol, but menn, d traffic was still in vogue sha and Nepa didn’t fail to say welcome home. But oh suya and asu, ukwubi, and street football, how I miss u *sobs* sobs*lol Laff’s official gig which was to hold in December didn’t as planned, devil foolishly tried to mess thins up, but trust God to spring back plans to action. It was an amazing experience, we had more kids than we budgeted for, there were lots to eat, games, bouncing castle, drinks and we ran out of party packs but I had a blast wit d kids.The clothes we shipped from Canada although came a lil later, but d Nig delegates were kind enough to distribute them. Here’s the most exciting part, it still tickles me a lot: LAFF was able to pick 13 kids to sponsor thru primary education and if we do get more sponsors, we might continue to high school, but for now its d foundation dat really matters. As of now, they’ve started school, tuition and books paid for, I’m over d moon…1st mission accomplished, lol all gratitude to God and all d sponsors dat made it rock. I’m thinking of setting up a facebook page in addition to the website, what do u all think? But there a couple of pics and list of sponsors on the website: I am begging oh, biko ejo, please, lol spread the word, be a part of making dreams a reality, we need more sponsors, you can always reach us via d website or send me an e-mail or call me if need be ( or 519-992-3759) Ve a great wkend everyone....xoxo