Tuesday, May 19, 2009


A child is brought into this world by two consenting adults who are suppose to be ready to equally care for the child’s emotional, spiritual, financial and academic needs. This is what it should rightly be abi? Today, a lot of children are brought into this world either through carelessness, selfishness, rape or self pity. Majority of street kids are brought up by single parents mostly teenagers who engage in unprotected sexual relationship and are left with the bruise of carrying the burdens of the child’s need, (which truthfully, is not the unborn child’s fault) others are from men whose selfish sexual desire keeps making them impregnate women without the adequate necessity of life to bring the children up. Other s are from broken homes, who escape the free Mohammed Alli and mike Tyson fight of their parents and so many others. Today we see girls as young as 15 or 16 involved in prostitution all in the name of survival, others have taken up trade running after moving vehicles to sell things to us like our favourite gala and fan yogurt. Nigeria’s federal road and safety commision have recorded 60% of children death who were hit by moving vehicles in their attempt to sell or collect their money. The other kind of street children are those ones that sit beside their mothers at all times and run after you to beg for food or money. The most interesting part about this group is that they don’t have a shelter over their heads, the rain and the harsh sun meets them there, all kinds of sickness starts to take its toll on the kids, they drink rain water with so much pleasure like it’s our favourite margarita or champagne and eat the spoilt beans we discard because we are too aje butter for that. Many are just from poor homes, with dreams and hopes, but their parents can’t afford to give them what they would have loved to, even though they struggle hard every day. We sometimes forget that God said some will be rich and some will be poor so that you can know him as God, so we refer to them as lazy parents, and all sorts, forgetting that the time we spend forming those grammar in our mind before voicing it out, we could have helped a child with a little as a dollar, school supplies and other needs. Our last category is those beautiful and very cute kids who unfortunately are born with one deficiency or the other. Others have lost vital parts of their bodies and are just lying on the sick bed looking downcast, cos no one really cares or maybe they do, but are just too busy to share a smile with them. From an interview gotten form these children on the street, you can feel and admire their passion about what they would love to be when they grow up and why if only they have that opportunity. Many of them bluntly told us how wicked we are when we forget to at least wish them a merry Christmas when we pass them. Christmas means a lot to children, rich or poor, deficient or not. They want to be loved, they want to be appreciated, they want to go to school, they want to help build a better nation, but we are too busy to even give them a second look. Today, I represent a street kid. I am poor and needy, yet i am brave and determined. A silver spoon, i boast not, neither a bed made with comfort, But when i lie to sleep, I still hold on to faith of being great It might take a while or might never happen before my time is up But I am sure of one thing: My dignity, my sweat of survival Will forever be a salt to the earth.


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