Friday, May 29, 2009

thy childhood dayz

Gosh, I can’t believe working can be this tasking oh, I haven’t had time to blog or meet up with my awesome executives, now I’m starting to consider playing 647 maybe if I fast well well, I’ll just hit jackpot and quit my job and travel on a vacation to all the counties in the world starting from A to Z, actually, there is an exception, lol, u know where. Anyhoos, I just read this yahoo news about the old and most famous comic book we all read growing up: Archie and his confusion with betty and veronica, well I heard from the grapevine (yahoo news) that the storyline has actually come to an end oh and d bubo don choose finally, but they didn’t say who sha, but I’ll keep u posted on d remaining gist for dose of u that wants to know and I still have some copies of the comics, if you want to borrow, lol. Talking of Archie, this actually brought back memories of our good old days growing up in Naija with cartoons such as Super Ted, Voltron (my favourite), Turtle Ninja, Danger mouse, Biker mice on Cadbury breakfast TV with them family matters with my darling Steve and his glasses and to our own national programs like Samanja, New masquerade (my darling Jegede shokoya, awww, I miss him ehn), Second chance with madam Kofo and her igele, Jaguwa (my belly oh, my head oh, lol...RIP) etc....I can’t remember the rest now. So people lets share our childhood with one another, who remembers watching all this shows or who wants to add more to the list. Growing up was good sha, gosh I remember “Yemi my lover”, dat Yoruba movie, how I used to love it den, but looking back, did I really watch that film, menn, lol. Share your childhood programmes with the house and have a great weekend. NB: Donation boxes are going to be put out soon for used clothing’s, school supplies, toys and money(optional), so watch out at your neighbourhood for our boxes, and if you wanna be a part of our three day LAFF event in Dec, holla at me. XoXo......


Anonymous said...

lol,lol big heart, u ve hit so memorylane stings in my head menn, kai, i remember dem ripples, behind d cloubs and village head master, kai dis child, oh by d way i wanna know d full gist of archikens, i'm sure its veronica sha, cos d girl is rich.....ewww, so u watched dat yemi my lover movie, dat was some offpointer. great job, very interestin blogg

BSNC said...

lol who does not jegede, wili wili, the rich also cry, village head master. Then there was this one that an ibo guy interprets for a white guy( ends up interpreting something different good old dayz

swordmaster said...

yes wats d name of that soap opera againnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, kai lemme go and think n i'll be back oh and i remember mama sala and living in bondage(1st nollywood movie wit andy, lol) dis is d real shit menn

RocNaija said...

Dang... I soooo remember Archie.. and Veronica..
I even read a couple of TinTin growin up as well..
I just might have to come raid your library someday..

Big heart said...

@ Anoy:Archie got married to Veronica, can u imagine, nonsense, lol. Ripples, i remeber dat fine igbo boy in it. Tnx
@BSNC: i think i know dat soap opera oh, gosh d name is just at the tip of my tougue, d rich also cry was d bomb too n lady of d rose, lol.
@swordmaster: hmm bros u think far oh, lol livin in bondage wit andy, it was quite scary den
@rocnaija:lol, u'll pay to read frm my collections oh. wld be glad to share sha.
Oh and i just remembered baba suwe n his collegues now on dat popular NTA 7 evenin show, lo