Monday, May 31, 2010

summery summer

Hi peeps, sure everyone had a fab weekend, I almost didn't. I can believe I lost all vital documents and my once very cute kid pictures on my laptop, no more reformatting again, lai lai... so its summer time finally, can I hear a yayyyy somebody, lol...ok its really hot out here, like hot plus hot, multiply by hot square root of hot equal to hot..geez, so much for looking forward to summer rite? There are times when we get very irritated and angry for some weird and unidentified reasons, such is this period of hotness from my investigation. I recently just learnt that during winter, 80% of the time, you can’t really get on people's nerves, because it’s just too cold to give a sounding response to people that get on your nerves but alas, reverse is the case for summer time, especially when the weather is very hot and humid with no shady area to kip cool. so as an undercover, I decided to carry out my research on people in their natural environment (I am not a biologist or research student o, amebo will probably be d rite word for it) so there I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus that takes donkey years to come (Windsor transit is a diff tori entirely) and this lady and her daughter where just some second from where I was trying to fan myself with a book. The little girl was obviously very hot and itchy. she was sooooo uncomfortable and was crying and grumbling and causing tantrums and everything you can imagine an oyinbo child to do and there she was, good mother, pleading with the child and trying her bestest best to be nice but you could see irritation written all over her face, even me got very angry, it was like the little child's cry was holding the breeze from coming. Cutting the long gist short, the mom couldn’t hold her irritation any longer and she just yelled at the kid using the F word. It’s very annoying when people get you irritated and angry, been there, experienced it, but please lets watch our language at all times especially in the presence of kids, they are like sponges that absorb any little thing we tell them, especially the bad words. I trust my people, an African woman would not have hesitated given the child a good spank, but in weathers like this, it’s not the kids fault, the mom was uncomfortable, I was also very uncomfortable especially when you have an oily face , trust me, you don’t want to be caught outside. So I decided to share some of my research results with you’all…. Tips to enjoy weathers like this: 1. Always make sure you carry ice cubes in your water bottle before leaving the house. Your body system gets dehydrated easily in weathers like this, but you have your ice handy to chew and you can also put some cubes in a clean face towel or hanky to place around your neck and arms to keep you moist and relaxed. 2. If you have acne/oily face, don’t panic, avoid rubbing your face, cos its already dirty with dust and oil, and you don’t want to clog your pores. Have a facial tissue in hand always and just damp your face, but do not rub and apply white powder lightly to keep you fresh, if you re sweaty and close to a public washroom, quickly give your face a little rinse with cold water and apply white powder(avoid brown powders and foundation, as they don’t help during this weather) 3. Avoid tight clothes, especially skinny gean, they don’t let the skin breathe at all 4. I'm not sure if sunscreen works for blacks, but if they do, you might use a little before you leave the house 5. Wear a positive attitude, no matter how people try to get under your skin, guess what? they are not worth it....and biko, please, ejo, avoid foul language as much as possible, it doesn’t do us any good 6. I almost forgot and no it’s not blizzard, lol if you are the sweaty type, please and please don’t wear too much cologne/perfume, cos they would smell ridiculously when you break out in sweat Have a great week everyone, keep been your unique self, don’t let anyone or anything bring you down, trust in God always, believe in yourself, reach for the skies, dream big, work towards it...I was overly glad when I heard and read Myne Whiteman's book is finally ready, published and ready for people to buy and enjoy. Myne I am very happy for you and I hope you know this is just the beginning of greater things to come for you in Jesus name. My wonderful friend is also the owner of naijareads, you can always check out new stuffs on her website. www. and Myne's book, hmm not sure, but she has a blog, google it and you shall be blessed and reporting live from Canada, its good night people, remember to walk the walk and be the difference.....XoXo


Anonymous said...

"Children are natural mimics who act like their parents despite every effort to teach them good manners". ~Author Unknown

Plain Talk About Spanking
by Jordan Riak

Anonymous said...

you re right, but sometimes, its something we can't avoid, as its human nature...tnx 4 d tips n great job

Anonymous said...

will take your advice lol!